Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kiwi House

I had my first visit to Kiwi House this afternoon. The venue was formally blessed by NZ Olympic Team kaumatua Amster Reedy, along with performances by Ngati Ranana kapa haka. (Read more about opening here)

We then had a fantastic kiwi BBQ in the outdoor area and the bar was opened while we watched the first Olympic event - NZ v hosts Great Britain in women's soccer on the big screens, which are showing all the NZ Sky TV feed live throughout the Games.

Its really hard being in London and not being in the village preparing for competition but I am so lucky that I am able to still able to be part of the NZ Olympic Team's campaign at the London Games, even without my spikes on! Its going to be really awesome hanging out at Kiwi House,its a very cool venue, and the atmosphere in there packed with kiwi supporters will be pumping! My role is basically to liaise between the NZOC staff and the operations team at Kiwi House, working with visiting athletes, media and VIP guests. The first big event is going to be the Opening Ceremony party on Friday night.If anyone is in London come on down and say hi. For more info about Kiwi House and visiting click here).

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