Saturday, June 30, 2012


I am currently based in Valencia where the NZ bike sprint team is training, getting some treatment from their therapist. It's been 30deg + everyday which is awesome acclimatisation for the French Champs next weekend near Marseille.

My hamstring has been healing well and I am running at about 70%. We have been doing every bit of rehab we can to try and accelerate the healing process and get the strength poor coach Andrew has been doing 900 passive stretches of my hamstring each day (he going to have massive biceps by the time we done!).

We will do a time trial test on Wednesday afternoon to check I can run 100% before heading to France on Thursday.

It's been pretty cool hanging out with the bike guys and watching them training on the velodrome, man they can fly around the track!! It's amazing standing under one of the banked corners and seeing how steep it is.

The athletics track is inside the velodrome, the setting of the 2008 World Indoor Athletics Champs.

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