Sunday, June 24, 2012


It has been a week since Ratingen and the awesomeness that was day one and the disaster that was the hamstring injury in the long jump. Looking back its amazing how quickly you can go from feeling on top of the world to the lowest of the space of a few steps.

I am back in Switzerland doing everything I can to get my leg right so I can compete in France in the first weekend of July. I am off to Valencia on Tuesday where the Bike NZ sprint team is to get therapy from the bike therapist.

I had an MRI which showed a partial tear, which was definitely not the news we wanted, but I have to just trust that I will heal fast!

I have been able to do stride outs today at about 50% and am hoping that I will be able to progress to spikes in a weeks time.

I have come so far since the injury that put me out of commonwealth games and I am in the best shape of my life, as I saw in Ratingen in the first 5 events, where I was on track to not just qualify for the Olympics but also break the nz record!

It's going to be touch and go in France but I believe in miracles and think that this is an opportune time for one to happen so please send your prayers and healing vibes my way...I don't want my Olympic dream to end like this!!


  1. Hey Becs, healing vibes being transmitted from Aberdeenshire Scotters, wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. I have tickets for the first two Olympics sessions and I've been practising cheering in a Kiwi accent! Good luck, Matt

  2. Hi Honey,
    I too, believe in miracles and it is high time one came your way.With every bit of positivity and faith in me, I am sending you total healing asap, and an incredible performance early in July.
    Big hugs,I know there is no one more optimistic in this world than you, and no one more deserving of success.Paint brushes are ready! Much love,

  3. Hi Rebecca

    Just clicked on to see how your Olympic training was shaping up. Devastating to hear about injury, but like others we offer you our best wishes and hope everything goes your way in France. We have our fingers and toes crossed for you!!!
    Lee and Bryan (Harmen St)

  4. Hi Becs- our very very best wishes and love winging to you from the Kauaeranga Valley. May the gods be smiling. Mary and Joe

  5. We are sending you all our love and prayers - Bevan, Amy, Mya & Levi

  6. All the ketchup and sugar in the world is wishing you luck.

  7. Hello Becs, Carrie has just showed me how I can get a mesage to you....How exciting is that, You know me definitely not a technical wizard!! I was sooooo upset to hear about your injury and this major set back. You have trained so hard and had so many things to battle thus far this is just not fair and I am sending the Biggest Hug and the best wishes and prayers to you for the big event in France in July. Hold fast to that amazing courage of yours, I have such huge admiration for you and LOVE you so much Becs and I am absolutely supporting you every step of your journey. You so deserve selection and the realization of your OLympic dream.......It just must come true my dear. All my love Frances

  8. Becs - love and best wishes to you. The whole House wants nothing but the best for you.

  9. Hello my dear Becs, Carrie has just shown me how to send you a message exciting is that!!1 Some things just never change and you know me.... Not a tech Wizard!! I was so so upset to learn about your injury and so so feel for you. You have had so much to deal with thus far and you do not deserve to have this set back.My loving mama's heart goes out to you and I am sending loving good wishes and prayerful thoughts your way. Looking at these amazing pictures is quite overwhelming, You are such an amazing athlete, I mean breathtaking and you so deserve to fulfil your dream, I am in awe of you and know that you will be doing everything possible to make it to London. Keep on fighting the good fight my dear. Loads and loads of Love from Frances

  10. Sorry to hear about your injury. Your courage and perseverance has inspired me to train again since my Lisrfranc surgery last year. I saw some of your training videos, so I started doing serious sprinting and jumping exercises again. The first time I was able to push myself 100%, I almost cried. It may not mean much to you, but your story has made a difference to me. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  11. Hey Becs! I believe in you and I have faith that you'll make it to the olympics. You deserve it. You're a true inspiration. Good luck and go hard. I look foward to hearing some awesome news. I can't wait to see you carve up!
    This song is amazing and i listen to it before my races and after my scoliosis surgery, so i thought i would share it with you :)Don't ever give up Becky!

    here are a few others to stay positive :)

    Good Luck!!!!