Sunday, June 3, 2012


Today I competed at a meeting in Geneva where I did hurdles and high jump. My hurdles were much better than last week, with a 14.68 into a -1.1 head wind, so the times are coming down! My high jump was awesome, 1.70m which is my second best jump ever (best is 1.71 from the Beijing Olympics). I also did a PB starting height of 1.65, when normally I start at 1.55 so it was a big step forward for me. This bodes really well for the heptathlon in Ratingen in 10 days time as good high jumping means big points....and big points is what we need!!
Monstering 1.65, my best ever starting height!
Another highlight of the day was seeing Karolina Kluft from Sweden run the 100m. Kluft is the former World and Olympic Champion in the heptathlon, who is now focusing on long jump. She is one of my idols of the sport so it was pretty cool to see her!

On the way home we drove past the famous fountain in the lake...such a beautiful day, its great to be in summer and be in Switzerland!

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