Saturday, June 30, 2012


I am currently based in Valencia where the NZ bike sprint team is training, getting some treatment from their therapist. It's been 30deg + everyday which is awesome acclimatisation for the French Champs next weekend near Marseille.

My hamstring has been healing well and I am running at about 70%. We have been doing every bit of rehab we can to try and accelerate the healing process and get the strength poor coach Andrew has been doing 900 passive stretches of my hamstring each day (he going to have massive biceps by the time we done!).

We will do a time trial test on Wednesday afternoon to check I can run 100% before heading to France on Thursday.

It's been pretty cool hanging out with the bike guys and watching them training on the velodrome, man they can fly around the track!! It's amazing standing under one of the banked corners and seeing how steep it is.

The athletics track is inside the velodrome, the setting of the 2008 World Indoor Athletics Champs.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


It has been a week since Ratingen and the awesomeness that was day one and the disaster that was the hamstring injury in the long jump. Looking back its amazing how quickly you can go from feeling on top of the world to the lowest of the space of a few steps.

I am back in Switzerland doing everything I can to get my leg right so I can compete in France in the first weekend of July. I am off to Valencia on Tuesday where the Bike NZ sprint team is to get therapy from the bike therapist.

I had an MRI which showed a partial tear, which was definitely not the news we wanted, but I have to just trust that I will heal fast!

I have been able to do stride outs today at about 50% and am hoping that I will be able to progress to spikes in a weeks time.

I have come so far since the injury that put me out of commonwealth games and I am in the best shape of my life, as I saw in Ratingen in the first 5 events, where I was on track to not just qualify for the Olympics but also break the nz record!

It's going to be touch and go in France but I believe in miracles and think that this is an opportune time for one to happen so please send your prayers and healing vibes my way...I don't want my Olympic dream to end like this!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The rollercoaster ride

It was a rollercoaster ride of a competition, big highs and big lows!

Starting with the highs....

Up first, 100m hurdles, 14.02 which is 100th of a second off my PB of 14.01, great start to the comp!! I ran 15.2 in my first hurdles race since Delhi in Switzerland three weeks ago, then 14.69 2 weeks ago so to go so close to sub 14 was totally awesome!

Second event, high jump. I knew I was on for something big here after clearing 1.71 a few weeks ago, and I did....cleared 1.72 which was a PB then went on to clear 1.75, yea!!! I had 3 attempts at 1.78 which I missed but I was close which was encouraging. My old PB of 1.71 was 4 years old from Beijing so it was an awesome feeling to nail a bigger height, and I can now say that I can jump over my own head!! Great points in high jump too so I was fizzing going into the next event....

Shot put. Felt amazing in the warm up, the timing was sweet and the Ratingen crowd was surrounding the shot put sector, and the music was pumping, such a cool atmosphere! First round 15.30, boom! PB (old PB 15.08, but the farthest I had thrown in a heptathlon was 14.69 so it was awesome!!). Second round 15.20, third round 14.98. My best series ever. More to the point, my points tally was growing nicely and I was well ahead of my 6150 targets in each event.
15.30 shot put PB!

200m of my favourite events, just run fast!!! I ran 24.51 which was slightly slower than I had hoped, but still a seasons best and I finished day two 160 points ahead of my PB score from 2008 and well on track for day two. I was also leading the competition which was awesome, dominating!!

Back to the hotel for some R&R, struggled to sleep as was pretty excited about my first day and the prospects of a PB and Olympic qualifier the next day.

Woke to rain, but it cleared and by the time long jump came around it was a lovely tail wind blowing.

First jump I landed past the 6m mark, yeaaa!! That would have been a PB (old PB 5.95), but then discovered they had had a technical glitch in the measuring and didn't measure my jump, it was also too late to re-measure as they had raked the sand, grrrrrrrr!!! They did give me an extra jump so I just treated it as a warm up and prepared to start the comp again. 
Next jump I was flying down the runway with the crowd clapping and the music, feeling fast and then just on take off felt my left hamstring grab a little, ouch!

It was a 5.91 jump, my second best ever, but my bloody hammy was sore. Stopped the long jump comp and went to get some treatment. Adding up the points I knew I only needed a 42m javelin and a 2.17 800m to do the Olympic qualifier. To put that in perspective my PBs are 48m and 2.10 respectively so well within reach. But the hammy had other ideas, arghhhhhh. I could jog but not stride out, and unfortunately to run 2.17 I needed to be able to run fast-ish so had to pull the pin on the whole thing. Jamee the physio we had with us did everything she could to get me back but it wasnt meant to be (thanks for your help Jamee!) So so so SO frustrated after going so well, and to have another injury set back I couldn't quite believe it. 

Last night I couldn't sleep again, but for completely different reasons, rather than being excited like the night before I was upset and couldn't stop thinking about what might have been.....the rollercoaster ride that is sport, and life! To have battled with injury to get to the start line in Ratingen, and then to be doing amazing, and the body feeling was just a freak thing that sometimes happens in sport when you are pushing the limits (strain most likely caused by slightly over-striding on the final take-off step which just put a little too much pressure on the hammy).

I have one more chance to do the qualifier, at French Champs the first weekend of July. My friend Sarah Cowley and I will both compete there, she too had to pull out of Ratingen with injury after day 1, after dominating in the high jump and being in 3rd at the end of the day, so it wasn't a good couple of days for the kiwi chicks!! Whilst it sucks for both of us its so great to have each other to understand fully how you feel when this kind of thing happens, thanks Geezle for your support!

So that's my story, the first half was amazing, the second half heartbreaking. Ratingen was my good luck charm in 2008 to qualify for Beijing, and was so close to being the same again in 2012! The hammy isn't serious, but enough to stop me in my tracks for now, but I will be back!!!! I will take the positives from this, I got myself in a position to score 6200+ this weekend and I know I can do that again, and more come French Champs and the Olympics. 

Thanks so so much for all your messages of encouragement and support, I am sorry I haven't been able to reply individually but I really do appreciate it and love getting the emails.

To my team here in Europe (Andrew, Angus, Mum, Dad, Ben, Jarrod, Jamee, Sarah, Robyn and Tim), you guys were awesome this weekend, thank you for being my cheer squad when things go well and my rocks to lean on when things turn to custard!!

Aufweidersehen from Germany,


Monday, June 11, 2012

Its heptathlon time!!

Its come around so first heptathlon in two years!! Needless to say I am rather excited about the upcoming competition in Germany, which is on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Preparation for the competition has gone great here in Switzerland and I am confident of getting the Olympic A standard of 6150 points over the two days.

I have been getting faster in my 200m and hurdles races in the local competitions I have done here in Switzerland in the past weeks. I have also had my second best high jump comp ever, clearing 1.70m, just shy of my PB of 1.71. Training for the other events has been going well; I am fit and healthy and cant wait to get out there!!

For those of you who would like live updates online (the meeting is held over two evenings, so its perfect for a bit of early morning NZ time viewing!) this is the link

A MASSIVE thanks to all the people who have helped me to get back on the heptathlon start line, and in great shape. I will write again with results on Saturday!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Today I competed at a meeting in Geneva where I did hurdles and high jump. My hurdles were much better than last week, with a 14.68 into a -1.1 head wind, so the times are coming down! My high jump was awesome, 1.70m which is my second best jump ever (best is 1.71 from the Beijing Olympics). I also did a PB starting height of 1.65, when normally I start at 1.55 so it was a big step forward for me. This bodes really well for the heptathlon in Ratingen in 10 days time as good high jumping means big points....and big points is what we need!!
Monstering 1.65, my best ever starting height!
Another highlight of the day was seeing Karolina Kluft from Sweden run the 100m. Kluft is the former World and Olympic Champion in the heptathlon, who is now focusing on long jump. She is one of my idols of the sport so it was pretty cool to see her!

On the way home we drove past the famous fountain in the lake...such a beautiful day, its great to be in summer and be in Switzerland!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Olympic Qualification

Here is a newspaper article explaining the qualification process for Sarah and myself. Very cool to have two heptathletes pushing each other all the way to the Olympics!