Saturday, May 12, 2012

Take off!

Wow the day has finally come...take off to Europe tomorrow, woop!! I've had a super week in Auckland training with some awesome running sessions, 200s, 300s and some speed work thrown into the mix....and yes a lovely 600m timetrial (thanks Andrew!). Its great to be able to do these running sessions and get some running back into the legs. I'm feeling really good with 4 weeks until my first heptathlon. The training venue up in Auckland is pretty flash, the athlete lounge even has a bed where you can sleep in between training sessions! Here are some pics of the gym:

I have been staying with my sister Nina and her husband Paul out near Murawhai, its beautiful out here. There is a crazy wood-pigeon in the garden who likes to fly into the windows several times a day, no idea why...this is the crazy fatty sitting outside my bedroom window:

We had a great last dinner together with some delicious NZ Lamb....yummmmmmmmmm!

So apart from driving about 1000km this week getting around the big smoke, its been an awesome week, and whilst I miss Dunedin I have definitely enjoyed the warmth of the north!

We arrive in Switzerland on Monday morning and will have a light week recovering from the journey. I hope to compete next weekend in a local Swiss meeting to get more into competition mode, likely racing over 200m and throwing javelin or shot.

My fellow multi eventers (Sarah Cowley, Brent Newdick and Scott McLaren) are gearing up to compete at the Multi Events Mecca of Gotzis in 2 weeks time. Its a decathlon/heptathlon competition held annually in the Austrian Alps and draws the top athletes from around the world, the line-up similar to that that will be at the Olympics. Unfortunately for me it was just slightly too early to do a heptathlon, so I will be competing in Switzerland in some of the individual events instead, have to say I am pretty gutted to be missing this competition as its been on my 'bucket list', just under 'Olympics'! Good luck to the kiwi crew...if you would like to follow the results click on this link.

So after a full on training week I am actually looking forward to sitting down for the next 24 hours on the plane, catching up on movies and sleep!


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  1. Hi Rebecca

    Wishing you all the best ... will be cheering you on ...

    (Paul's cousin!)