Monday, May 21, 2012


We have been in our Swiss training base for a week and its pretty amazing. This is the view from track with the Swiss alps in the background. 

The track is up a mountain in the village of Macolin and is where the Swiss Olympic Sports Institute is based. We are living in Biel which is a city about 15min away, at the bottom of the mountain. This is the view looking down at Biel from Macolin.

Despite it being a summer training camp we had 2deg and snow falling last week for a shot put session...

...luckily there are primo indoor training facilities...
for shot put...
...high jump, hurdling, pole vault and even a long jump pit.

We are very lucky to be able to train here, its where Valerie Adams has been based for the past few years with her coaches Jean Pierre and Werner (3 times world shotput champion). It’s been awesome training with her, Sarah Cowley and Scott McLaren, and having lots of laughs along the way! Sarah, Scott and Val have all been smashing out PBs in training which is pretty cool, gearing up for their first comps – Sarah and Scott in Gotzis (the ‘mecca’ of heptathlon and decathlon) next weekend and Val the Rome Diamond League competition on the 31st.

Scott put together a video of himself training at the facilities. Thanks for your amazing commentary Scotty!

I had my first competition on Saturday, with long jump and 200m. The long jump didn’t go great, but it was great to be back out there after almost 2 years since my last comp! The 200m was good, 24.90, which was great considering its less than a week since getting off the plane and having had a big week training.

I did a session called "8,4,3" on Thursday....a session that Andrew has been talking about since I started training with him in 1997. Its 800m, 1min recovery, 400m, 1 min recovery, 300m. Its pretty brutal and was even harder as the track is at 900m altitude. I was lucky to have Jarrod Adams (Dunedin athlete visiting Switzerland) to run them with me and keep me honest in the last few reps, thanks Jarrod!

Two more weeks of hard training and then we start the taper for Ratingen, can't wait!

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