Friday, May 4, 2012

Farewell Dunedin

My last few weeks training in Dunedin have been pretty awesome, although I got a bit excited about how brilliant the weather was for training and then it turned real nasty and today at training it was 5deg and raining, ouch....good time to head to summer!
I am really going to miss Dunedin, its been an amazing place to train, everything is so close and I had a fantastic group of people to train and work with. I will also miss all the girls and staff at Columba College, which has been my home for the past 10 months.

 I thought I would share a few photos and videos from the last few days in Dunedin....
The sunrise view from my bedroom looking out over Dunedin and the harbour, spectacular
An awesome, sunny last day at the track

120kg deadlifts with bands, personal best

Multi-tasking after training in the recovery room at HPSNZ...refuelling and icebath!
So thats where I have been lately....and this is where I am headed....
The track at Macolin where we will have our Swiss training camp, also European training base for Val Adams (pic)
and eventually I will end up here:
London Olympic Stadium!

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