Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An EPIC weekend!

This weekend just gone was the multi events (heptathlon/decathlon) meeting in Gotzis, Austria....perhaps the biggest multi events competition outside of the Olympics. Here my good friend Sarah Cowley smashed her PB to score 6135, an Olympic qualifying stoked for her, congratulations Geezletron!! She had a massive highjump of 1.91m, beating several Olympic and World Champs medalists, including the overall winner in Gotzis, Jessica Ennis. Read more about it here. Scott McLaren, kiwi decathlete training here in Switzerland with us, also did a big PB score, nice one Scotty! Unfortunately Brent Newdick, the other kiwi athlete in Gotzis, had to pull out of the comp due to injury...wishing you speedy healing Newdy.

Sarah and Scott celebrated last night with pizzas in Biel, and we also wished Val bon voyage as she heads to Rome for her first comp of the season on Thursday night...

It was definitely hard to not be there competing in an event that has been on my 'bucket-list' as an athlete and doing PBs and Olympic qualifiers, but I am being patient and biding my time until Ratingen in a few weeks time. We have started the taper, so effectively the volume of training is reduced and the focus is purely on refining the technical elements and doing some fast, ballistic movements in the gym. Its all about sitting around and getting fresh. It sounds weird as many people often think that this is when you should be doing the most training, right before a competition, but I respond so well to lying around with my feet up, and as a speed/power athlete this is the way to go. Initially I feel lethargic but after a few days my body starts to fizz and then on comp day the energy levels are super high, as opposed to being suppressed during training. This is when the big scores come.....bring it on!!

Just one more thing....turned up for training yesterday and a game of unicycle indoor hockey was being played at the facility....for real! Check this out...

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