Friday, March 16, 2012

Back on my feet

Its been a quiet 4 weeks since I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my left fibula, but I've been keeping busy doing the training I can in the pool and gym. Today I tested out the leg with some light jogging, and am pain free so that's healing! It will be a few more weeks yet until I am back to 100%, but its good to be moving slightly faster than a walk again!

Flights are booked to Europe, we leave for our base in Switzerland on 13th May, after a couple of warm up competitions in Auckland in early May. First heptathlon is scheduled for the last weekend in May.

Its all coming around very fast but cant wait, bring on European summer!! Adidas just sent me some new spikes for the Olympic campaign, thanks heaps guys! Check these out....cant wait to run super fast in them, and red is my favourite colour!

In the meantime I'm off to Christchurch for the weekend to say goodbye to the family home which Mum and Dad have sold. It will be sad but cant wait to see all the whanau. Have a great weekend everyone!

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