Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One year on...

It has been one today year since the big earthquake that destroyed many parts of Christchurch, including QEII stadium and the athletics track where I spent many hours training and competing. These pictures below of the track are heartbreaking, especially seeing all the long grass giving it a sad, abandoned look.

For me today is about remembering all those people who lost their lives, all those who risked theirs trying to save others, those who survived but were badly injured, those who lost their homes, and all those people still in Christchurch surviving the ongoing aftershocks, stress and flow on effects from the devastation, and those who are working hard to help rebuild the city.

Here is a really cool website that The Press and have put together for the anniversary, and a fantastic collection of footage from TV3

(Photos courtesy of International Track Meet and Fundraising for an Athletics Track in Christchurch's facebook pages and aerial courtesy of Ross Becker)

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