Saturday, February 18, 2012

A bump in the bumpy road...

I have met with a slight bump on the bumpy road that is my journey to the London Olympics!

I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my lower left fibula on Friday. The pain came on quickly in the days prior to the International Track Meet in Christchurch and resulted in me pulling out of the long jump and 100m at that event. The pain never eased in the following weeks, so some quick work by my doc and physio got me a bone scan and ultrasound appointment on Friday, with the result I didn't really want.

The healing time for this is usually 6 weeks, and the good thing is that we have caught it very early and I have already had 2 weeks of no leg training so I am well on the way to recovery. I am just thankful that this has happened now, rather than closer to the Olympics which would really put my Olympic dream in jeopardy!

Unfortunately it does mean I will have to delay my first heptathlon of the season - I was planning to travel to Melbourne next week to compete in the Victorian Championships. I had hoped to get the Olympic qualifier done in Melbourne, and I was looking in great shape to do that, but things don't always work out as you would like them to!

So just like 2008 I will travel to Europe to do my qualifier in May and June before the 8 July cut-off date.

I plan to be back on my feet at the end of March with plenty of time to prepare for Europe. The great work Andrew and Angus have done in the last 12 months with "non-traditional" training, and the numbers and PBs I produced off that gives me much confidence that I can recover from this injury and be back in the best shape of my life and ready to take on the big guns in Europe!

In the meantime please send speedy bone healing vibes my way, thanks!


  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope neither a surgery nor a cast was required. I'll be getting my screws for my Lisfranc out in March (11 months) and begin to start running shortly thereafter. I'll be thinking of your perseverance when I do. Looking forward to watching you compete in London.

  2. Mate, just keep focused on that horizon not the ground in front of you and you will arrive, fit and ready for ACTION!!!!!