Thursday, January 26, 2012

The fridge that jumps on your back

There is a term in track and field "the fridge jumped on your back" which basically means that your body has filled with lactic acid and you start to stumble rather than run!

I had a big white fridge jump on my back yesterday in a 400m at a mid-week meeting in Dunedin. I ran a really solid first 300m, probably a little too fast, and paid the price in the home straight, stumbling a bit over the last 80m! I was running with the men so was chasing them hard. I still ran 55.5sec which ranks me 2nd in NZ this summer. Whilst it is a long way off my PB of 52.67 its the fastest 400m I have run in several years, again indicating that I am in great shape despite the lack of running training I have been able to do. A good 400m time bodes well for good 200m and 800m times and is a great training run.

I also threw javelin in the comp, and hit one out over 40m which was a seasons best, so heading in the right direction with that. 

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