Thursday, December 29, 2011

A good day at the office

Today was a pretty good training day. I started off with 3 PBs out of 4 events during shot put training this morning. I did another PB in overhead and underhand shot with 18.26m and 16.51m respectively. Then I did a PB standing shot put (which is a half shot put throw from the centre of the circle, rather than the full throw from the back (called a glide)) of 13.28m. It was only a 3cm PB but still awesome to be in PB form!

Then this afternoon I did some long jump, about 5.50m, well off my best of 5.95m but it was off a short run up and the main thing was that the foot was able to cope with running 100% on the long jump runway. Even better was that I did long jump two days after my first longer running session on Tuesday with 2x600m and the foot coped with that. So I am starting to be able to back up sessions, rather than do a session and then not be able to do anything for a week due to pain. In a two day event like heptathlon backing up is pretty important!

A great way to see out 2011 and look forward to 2012....yeah it's Olympic year!

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  1. It really is helpful to read about your path back, since I am still working on mine! The fact that your foot will tolerate jumping so soon is wonderful.
    I hope your friends and relatives who were in the earthquakes are all OK.