Saturday, December 17, 2011

Brand spanking new gym

This afternoon I competed in the shotput and javelin at interclub. I was really pleased with my shot, 13.85 was my best, which is the furthest I have ever thrown at this time of year. It was also the first time I have done a full glide throw since Delhi, so great to be out close to 14 off only standing throw training. Javelin was a bit rubbish, but have been doing some good training so not too concerned about that!

I also ran 100% for the first time yesterday. I did 2x40m flat out....felt awesome and a good step towards racing very soon! The foot is ok, not 100% pain free but I am managing it with lots of help from Geoff (massage), Helen (physio) and Richard (podiatrist).

Here's a small video of some of the fun stuff we did in the gym today...jumping up onto a 110cm box, and throwing a 6kg medicine ball into the wall.

This also happens to be the official first training session to christen the new gym at the Forsyth Barr Stadium where the new High Performance Sport NZ training facility is based. Its an awesome facility which we share with the Highlanders Super 15 rugby team....50m indoor track, recovery room with spa pool and cold pools, big open plan gym area and even a lounge for athletes to chill out in after...think I might move in permanently! The official opening of the facility is on Monday. Must try to not put a hole in the wall with a medicine ball before that!


  1. Awesome...although I grimaced and grabbed my foot watching you jump and herniated my back watching you throw the 6 kg ball.

  2. Far out that new gym is so smart!! Hope they have bought some of the inspirational messages across from the old gym, like shut up and squat! Looks like Bec is well and truly back! yeeyah!
    Georgie x