Friday, December 9, 2011

Another milestone...

I ticked off another milestone on the recovery journey this week with my first session running in spikes. On Tuesday I did 4 x 100m in spikes and yesterday 4 x 120m. It felt awesome to be running on the track, and semi-fast too, running at around 80%. The foot held up well and I think much of the inhibition I feel running now is me subconsciously protecting my foot...which will go away as confidence increases and I realise that it is strong and not going to break! I finished off the week with another PB in the overhead shot, getting out to 18m exactly. 

We are testing weights again next week, aiming for the big 100kg powerclean, yea! My good friend Sarah Cowley is coming down from Auckland to train for a few days next week too so will be awesome to have a fellow hepathlete training buddy for a bit!

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  1. Tell me why do spikes need to be run in?