Saturday, November 19, 2011


I did a couple of life-time PBs today in the underhand shot and overhead shot with 16.28 and 17.89m respectively. My old PBs were 15.66 and 17.69m. It is a measure of power so cool to see PBs in those areas! This is how the throws are done, standing on the stop-board in the shotput circle:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Check this out

Check out this video of Jacko Gill (NZ shot putter, World Junior Champion) training...its awesome! He is insanely powerful and fast....and only 16!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Jumping and hurdling!

I reached another couple of milestones in my journey back to full training yesterday.

I did my first jump over a high jump bar and long jump into a sand pit! As I jump off my left leg, and the sore foot is my right, I am able to take off easily, its just the run up to the take off which is still a little slow due to the foot. So I was only doing 4 stride run up to take off, but man did it feel good to be doing something so specific....I was out on the track by myself on a sunny Dunedin day just grinning! Its funny how when you have been injured and unable to do something for so long, these simple things can be so much fun.

Yesterday I also got an email from Mr Young, my hip surgeon, giving me the green light to do hurdle drills (hurdling was the final activity to check off the list in terms of recovery from hip surgery), so we will be adding that to the training schedule too.

Throwing and running flat out are still hampered by the foot, but it is improving slowly. At this stage I still aim to do my first heptathlon at National Champs in Palmerston North in the first weekend of February.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weights competition

The weights competition I had with Angus on Tuesday ended in a draw (so no undie runs luckily)! I was so nervous beforehand, felt like I was about to do a heptathlon! It was cool fun, and we even had people putting the weights on the bar for us like a real comp, thanks Anna, Brent, Will and Tom.

We both finished on 95kg, which is an equal PB for me, and an equal PB for Angus in the hang snatch. The best thing is that I haven't even started doing power cleans in training yet so very happy to be doing equal PBs at this stage. Really feel now that I can get 100kg which would be great.

Here is a video of my lift and Angus's lift (videos courtesy of director A.Smythe!) (if it doesnt load you might need flashplayer - download here).