Saturday, October 15, 2011

First comp

It was the first day of summer competition at the Caledonian Track in Dunedin today so decided to jump in and throw javelin to get back into the competition arena! It was great to be out there, although it was hardly summer being 8deg! I threw 33m off a 3 stride run up with walk in which I was pretty happy with. Didn't really have any expectations but it was just fun to be amongst the competition again.

I probably won't be doing anything competition-wise in the running or jumps for a while yet as the foot is still giving me some trouble unfortunately. Its hard as there are more people out running now that its warmer and I am itching to get out there on the track with them. I just need to be patient and give the foot time to adjust to the running load. My hip, on the other hand, feels awesome which is great.

Apart from that I am continuing to get stronger in the gym and building a great base. As added incentive in the gym Angus has challenged me to a comp....him doing hang-snatch, me doing power clean...will let you know who the winner is in a few weeks time (and there could be some ugly consequences for the loser)!

The rugby semi-finals are on this weekend...go the All Blacks....can't wait to see them smash the Aussies!!

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  1. Thanks so much for this blog! Even though it really isn't the foot that's holding me back now, it's still very helpful to hear about the efforts someone else is making to get back into their athletic form. And congratulations on competing again. That must have felt great!