Wednesday, August 31, 2011

World Champs

The World Track and Field Champs are being held at the moment in Daegu, South Korea. It is being shown live on Sky TV which has meant some long hours in front of the TV. Yesterday Val Adams dominated the women's shot put by more than 1m with a win in 21.24m which was a Championship and NZ record, awesome! Very cool to see the black singlet on the top of the world, congratulations Val!

The women's heptathlon finished last night. It was a great competition with lots of personal bests in some of the events and a great battle in the 800m at the end for the medals. Its a statisticians dream following it, figuring out how many points the competitors need to get in each event to get a medal as the competition unfolds. Whilst its been hard to watch on TV when I'd rather be competing it has been great to sit back and see what needs to be done to be up amongst the best of them at the London Olympics next year and it has provided endless hours of motivation for training! My homework has been to record the events and watch replays to pick up technical tips, not just from the heptathletes but also the athletes in the individual events that make up the heptathlon. As a 'visual' learner I can make some good gains...its "training" while sitting on the sofa, loving it!

My physical training has been going well too. I am settled into Dunedin life and am really enjoying a fresh new training environment. My recovery from surgeries has been progressing well, I am able to do some jogging in two weeks time, which will be the first time I have run since the 200m at the Commonwealth Games some 11 months ago...I've never been so excited about doing a simple jog before!


  1. Hi Rebecca. I'm four months post surgery. I jogged across the street yesterday (only because a car was coming at me fast). It was only 20 feet, but I felt like I successfully ran a marathon - exhilarating. Great to see your spirits up. Good luck with your training.

  2. Hi Rebecca...I think you have picked up a cheering squad in an unlikely place! You must now be one week away from your first jog! Be sure to post about it. I think it's so exciting! I am going out in a few minutes to do my first 5/1 x 8 "run." It's pathetic, but at the same time, it's pretty neat. Yours should be so much better!