Sunday, July 10, 2011


I had the screws taken out of my foot 10 days ago and the foot is feeling really good. I have a small jar with the screws in it, a small momento of the battle! I had so been looking forward to getting the screws out and really getting into some running and jumping training, however my body had other ideas...

Unfortunately, in mid June, just before I got the screws out I sustained another injury, this time to my left hip doing simple walking hurdle drills. I had scans etc and it turned out I had torn the labrum in my hip (the labrum is the cartilage between the hip socket and the head of the femur).

This is an injury which can be left to see if it settles down, but unfortunately I don't have enough time before the Olympics to wait and see, so I got in touch with David Young, the surgeon in Melbourne who operated on my other hip in 2007 for the same injury, and explained my dilemma.

Luckily for me, he happened to be coming to Auckland to do some surgeries and he was able to squeeze me into his schedule with Auckland based surgeon Haemish Crawford. So I flew to Auckland last Wednesday and had surgery on Friday! It all happened very fast, which is fortuitous as 'time is money' for me in terms of being fit to qualify for the London Olympics, so it was important that I got it fixed immediately. It was also fortuitous that the surgeon happened to be in Auckland and could fit me in, to save another trip to Melbourne! So a huge thank you to Mr Young and Mr Crawford for helping me out at the last minute.

In a pretty cool aside, the Mr Young has decided to donate all of his surgery fees from his time in Auckland to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal - very cool, thank you!

So I got off crutches for my right foot just in time to be able to use it to get back on crutches for the left hip! I am now on crutches again for 3 weeks and the whole rehab with the hip will see me able to train fully in three months. Its not too bad considering I will still be able to get fit in time to compete this coming summer. I would also have been easing back into training anyway because of the foot, so to have a few more weeks off to let the hip settle will only be good for the foot.

Its another set back that will take some time out of my preparation, but it has happened and we just need to work around it best I can. I still believe that something good comes of having time off from training - I have a tendency to respond really well from rest periods and am going to take advantage of what is known as the "overshoot phenomenon". In summary, this is explained as: "During a period of rest following a period of explosive training, muscle fibers will shift back toward the fast end of the spectrum and actually surpass, or overshoot, their speed from before the training. So you end up with a higher percentage of fast-twitch fibers than you started with. No one has been able to explain why this happens. That is the Overshoot Phenomenon. It's a critical component of increasing explosiveness, and you have to be inactive to take advantage of it." (Source:

So I am currently lying on the sofa growing my fast twitch fibers! It worked really well after having all the time off with my foot - I made huge gains in strength and power in the last months. And because I was in such great shape prior to hip surgery I should see some great benefits this summer! It also worked after my hip surgery in 2007 - a year later I did a big PB and qualified for Beijing!

I will still move to Dunedin at the end of July (I will just be off crutches before I move down) to settle in down there and get back into the gym and build the base again.

Well that's the latest installment (bit of a long one sorry!) in my journey towards the London Olympics. Its not all smooth sailing, but there isn't much satisfaction in achieving something easy!

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  1. wahooooooooooo! happy recovery becks.. will miss you!hope the rest of your road to london runs smoother! see you in 2012 ... *high five* from guess who! hehehe x