Friday, June 10, 2011

Surgery and shifting...

I saw the surgeon yesterday and he is really happy with how my foot is progressing so I am scheduled to have surgery again in 3 weeks to get the screws taken out of my foot which will be great! Then its just a few days on crutches followed by a few weeks of taking it easy to let the wound heal and the holes in the bone fill up and then I will be good to run. I'm getting closer to being able to do full training (running and jumping), however I know I still have to be patient...there are still 416 days until the Olympics! I am making such good gains in strength and other aspects of training which I have never had the time to do before, so I think the foot injury from Delhi will end up being a blessing in disguise come 2012.

My other news is that I will be moving to Dunedin at the end of July. Because the track and QEII has been badly damaged since the earthquake and is not able to be used, and there are no plans to replace it or build another in Christchurch before next summer, I am being forced to relocate to somewhere which has a track. I had considered driving to Timaru for training, but at 2hours each way it seemed pretty crazy!

Dunedin was the best option with some great people to train with, and having more of Angus Ross's input into my training will be invaluable. The Academy of Sport is also moving into the new Forsyth Barr stadium in Dunedin at the end of the year so there will be brand new training facility to use. So whilst I will be sad to leave Christchurch, I also think a change of scene will bring some "freshness" to my training...a change is as good as a holiday!

My coach Andrew has recently been appointed as a full-time Performance Coach with Athletics NZ, in charge of sprints, jumps and combined events. He has been employed to coach athletes within the Athletics New Zealand Performance Programme and to support the personal coaches of other programme athletes and will also play a key role in coach development throughout New Zealand. Its pretty exciting and great to be recognised as one of the top coaches in the country, so a big congratulations to him. He will be able to spend time with me down in Dunedin as well as commuting back up to Christchurch to look after his other athletes.

Thats all the news for now....stay warm and I will update you again from my new home in Dunners post surgery!

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