Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three screws loose

I just got a call with confirmation of surgery booked in this coming Thursday to get the screws taken out of my foot.

They've been in there for just under 9 months, which has gone really fast. It will be sooo great to be rid of them! I am going to ask the surgeon if I can keep the screws as a momento....maybe make them into jewelry?!

395 days to go....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Olympic standards set

The Olympic standards have been set for New Zealand track and field, with the heptathlon at 6050 (full policy click here). Its lower than the 6150 existing A standard for World Champs which came as a pleasant surprise!

6050 is a score I think I can achieve during the NZ domestic season next year so thats great....would be ideal to get the qualifier out of the way early so I can prepare fully for the Olympics. I have until July 8th 2012 to meet the qualiyfing mark.

I had a great training session this morning...swimming in the outdoor pool at Jelly Park, it was only 5deg outside and the shortest day of the year! A few more big quakes, including a 6.3 last Monday have made the move to Dunedin look even more inviting!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Surgery and shifting...

I saw the surgeon yesterday and he is really happy with how my foot is progressing so I am scheduled to have surgery again in 3 weeks to get the screws taken out of my foot which will be great! Then its just a few days on crutches followed by a few weeks of taking it easy to let the wound heal and the holes in the bone fill up and then I will be good to run. I'm getting closer to being able to do full training (running and jumping), however I know I still have to be patient...there are still 416 days until the Olympics! I am making such good gains in strength and other aspects of training which I have never had the time to do before, so I think the foot injury from Delhi will end up being a blessing in disguise come 2012.