Monday, April 25, 2011

Conditioning Heptathlon

Happy Easter!

I have just come back from Dunedin where I did some testing - specifically a "conditioning heptathlon". Angus has developed a scoring system for 7 gym-based events which are designed to mimic the 7 events of the heptathlon (bearing in mind the fact that I can't use my right foot fully) and equated the scores to match. The conditioning heptathlon gives me something to focus on while I can't compete, adding a competitive aspect to testing at the end of every training block.

The 7 events are:
- 20m one leg hops for speed (timed)
- standing vertical jump (1 foot high jump take off)
- standing front on shot put with 4kg medball
- 150m row
- 5 single leg hops for distance
- javelin ball throw (600g)
- 600m row

The first time I did it 5 weeks ago I scored 5908 points. This weekend I did a massive 7 PB's in each of the 7 events and scored 6325 points! I did it with Anna Smythe, Chris Donaldson, Jarred Adams and Andrew Keene (see team photo) so it was full on competition with World Records set in every age category and a lot of trash talking!

After a bit of a break I came back to the gym and finished the day with a PB powerclean of 92kg so a pretty good day at the office and awesome to know I am the strongest I have ever been and that the training I am doing is putting some good "money in the bank" for spending in competition next summer!

Training in Christchurch is better now that some of the pools are open and its getting a little easier to drive around as more roads are opening since the earthquake.

I see the surgeon on 9th June and hopefully he will take the screws out shortly after and then I will hopefully be able to start back into running shortly after that!

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  1. Hello Rebecca - I love the blog and I have a daughter who is a high school track athlete and does the heptathlon as well - is there any way I could find more info on the testing of each of the 7 exc that you talked about?

    Michael Wood, CSCS