Sunday, November 14, 2010


I had surgery on my foot last week, with three pins being put in to hold the foot together in the right position while the lisfranc ligament heals.
I am on crutches for another 4-6 weeks, can't wait to get rid of them as I have already had 5 weeks cruising around on least my bench press PB will improve with the upper body workouts!
I will be able to jog in about 3 months and I can then have the pins out in 8-9 months time. Its great to have the surgery done and now I can start the recovery process!


  1. Hello, I just found your blog! I had a Lisfranc injury two years ago, but my full recovery was complicated by getting breast cancer and going on a medication that produces muscle weakness, just as I was getting leg strength back! Now the foot isn't an issue, but because of the cancer drug, it is slow work getting back to the point where I can run for any distance.
    I have a blog, So You've Got a Lisfranc Injury. Right now, we are collecting success stories. I will put a link to your blog.
    I think people who have Lisfranc injuries would be really interested in knowing what you do for physical therapy, since you will probably get much better PT than most people.
    Good luck in your recovery!

  2. Having dealt with a Lisfranc injury for 20 years, and having had the first repair fail, I hope and pray that your surgery is a total success! With your conditioning you should do well, and I believe the surgery for correcting Lisranc injuries is much better than it was the first time mine was repaired. Great good luck to you, and I hope to see you succeed in London.

  3. Hello I just had a lis franc Injury and I had surgery about two and a half weeks ago as of today. I have 4 pins and a wire in my foot to help repair it, I injured it while hurdling at a track meet and my foot twisted on top of the hurdle, I was supposed to place top 3 in regionals, it was very upsetting. Hopefully I can go back to track by september, but I wanted to know of any work outs or physical therapy to help me and others going through this when the time is right. I want to make the best of my senior year and I dont want this injury to hold me back from doing something I love. Thank you!

    1. Hi, that sucks that you have done your lisfranc, but don't worry you will be back running! It took me 1 year pretty much to get back into spikes (although I did have hip surgery in that time which probably slowed the recovery a little). I have to say I still get pain as my joint is arthritic, but the lisfranc itself healed really well. I did a lot of foot strengthening work with my podiatrist, even just starting with things like moving my toes around. I have also had a lot of soft tissue massage done for my foot to keep everything moving and reducing the scar tissue. Try and keep cross-training as much as you can anyway - there is so much work you can do in the gym and pool to get really strong, that way when you get back on the track you will not have lost anything. I see my injury as a blessing in disguise - it gave me a chance to work on strength, which was something that I didn't have much time to do while I was running. Good luck!!