Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The village

We arrived safe and sound from Hong Kong and into the village in Delhi. Got a great welcome with a haka by some of the team as we walked into the NZ apartments.

I have a room with Nikki Hamblin, the 800/1500m runner. The apartments are massive, there are a few issues with plumbing etc, but the beds are comfy and we have everything we need. The NZ crew here did a great job of getting it all ready for us.

Here are some pics of the village. The NZ team has a place called "Base Camp", with fake grass all the way from NZ covering the floor, where we can hang out and watch the action on 3 big TVs.

Three days to go...countdown is on, startlists out tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Rebecca

    welcome to India. I am here as well, but I am in Chandigarh. Hopefully you have found suitable accommodation for you parents.

    The team from Little India wishes all the best for the games.


    Sukhi Gill