Monday, October 25, 2010

Foot update

Its two weeks today since I hurt my foot during the heptathlon at Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Thank you so much for all your emails of support, sorry I have not been able to reply to all of them.

Since I have been home I have had an MRI, another x-ray and seen a surgeon.

Turns out as well as two broken bones, I have also torn my lisfranc ligament in my mid-foot which helps to keep the foot stable. As a result I need to have surgery to pin the foot back into place to let the ligament heal in the correct position. I hope to have this done in the next three weeks.

Unfortunately this means I will not be able to compete this summer. World Champs are being held in Korea at the end of August 2011. Whether I can compete there or not will depend on how the recovery and rehab goes and whether or not I am able to post an A standard qualifing mark (6150 points) before the 8th August. At the moment I have only done the B standard (5950 points).

For now I will try and make the crutches, the moon-boot, the pool and the gym my friends and keep my eyes firmly on London 2012!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The final results for the heptathlon were:

Hazel (ENG) 1st 6156
Zelinka (CAN) 2nd 6100
Clements (ENG) 3rd 5819

It was really, really tough to watch the 800m and see the final medalist's scores were well within my reach, with both silver and bronze being less than my personal best.

I was comforted by the fact that I wasn't the only one to not complete the event, and my heart goes out to the other 4 girls that had to pull out too, I know how they feel!

I am heading back to NZ today, much as I would love to stay in Delhi and cheer on the rest of the team, hobbling around on crutches isn't great so we decided it was best to get back home.

Thanks for all your messages of support over the past days.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wondering what might have been...

Unfortunately due to injury I have had to pull out of the heptathlon at the Commonwealth Games. The foot injury which I picked up in Cairns a couple of weeks ago came back to haunt me yesterday on the track in Delhi.

After being confident that all was ok with my foot after receiving a clear MRI scan in Hong Kong and the medical team managing the pain prior to the competition I started the competition confident and ready to rock.

However, I felt it slightly in my first event, the 100m hurdles, where I ran 14.18 to win my heat. It was slower than I had hoped, but with 6 events to go I wasn't too worried knowing I could catch up points.

For the next event, high jump, the foot the foot was worse and I didn't do any warm up jumps to reduce the amount of impact. I missed the first attempt at my starting height of 1.54 and was thinking oh no this is going to be bad! Luckily one of the NZ docs arrived in time to give me some more pain relief in the middle of the comp and I went on to clear 1.69 and narrowly missed 1.72 (which would have been a personal best, my best being 1.71 from Beijing). 1.69 is my second best ever high in a heptathlon so I was stoked, especially given the foot pain and lack of warm up!

Next event was the shot put, an event which was less stressful on the foot. I had a good comp throwing 14.64, a personal best in a heptathlon and dominating the field, throwing almost 1.5m further than the next best girl. This propelled me back into medal contention and I was sitting 4th after 3 events, with my strong events to come: 200m, javelin and 800m. Needless to say I was fired up and excited going into the 200m, ready to claw back some more points and finish a solid 1st day. Brent Newdick, the kiwi decathlete, and Nikki Hamblin, my room mate and 1500m runner, both won silver medals just minutes before the 200m, giving me extra inspiration!

Unfortunately this is where things came really unstuck with the foot, after about 50m it got really, really sore and I pulled up, unable to finish and had to be carried off the track in a stretcher....not a way any athlete wants to leave the stadium at a Commonwealth Games. As I did not finish the race there was no way I could continue the competition.

This morning I had an x-ray in the village and it turns out in the 200m I broke the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones in my foot. The medical staff are not sure how this relates to the pain I had before hand...a puzzle to be solved once we get back to NZ and do some more investigations. For now I am cruising around the village on bloody crutches! On the bright side the breaks are in a place which heals quickly.

I am devastated, especially given that I was back up near the medals after the shot and confident of staying in the mix on day 2. The fact that I had had such a great build up to the Games and was in such fantastic shape makes it even harder to cope with. This was probably my last chance at a Commonwealth Games medal, to come so close and leave like this is a bit of a nightmare to say the least, but as a friend of mine said "Sport can be extremely brutal sometimes, when you have done everything right sometimes it still kicks you in the teeth."

I feel especially for my coach Andrew, who has been through the entire journey with me, putting in all the hours at training with me, to finish like this is as devastating for him as it is for me. But he has a saying "whilst I breathe, I hope" and I am still breathing!

A huge thanks goes to the medical staff who helped to get me as far as I did - Vanessa, Liesel, Helen, Lynn, Andrea and John thank you for your time and outstanding care.

To all the people who helped me with sponsorship, family, friends, people who bought and sold chocolate for me...the list goes on...I couldn't deliver this time, but your support has been so outstanding and I couldn't have made it this far without you, so thank you.

To mum and dad who came all the way to Delhi to cheer me on, I can't thank you enough, it was so great seeing you in the stands as I warmed up for the 200m, and so great to have you there afterwards to comfort me! We spent some time together this morning sitting on deck-chairs at a police checkpoint outside the village, surrounded by policemen with machine guns - due to security constraints meeting points with family are pretty limited!

Its going to take a while to soak in, its all pretty raw today...wondering what might have been. In the mean time I am focussed on healing the foot, and as for what the future holds I am not sure, I head home next week for a break and time out. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Start list

The start list is out, 13 entries and I am ranked 3rd on both seasons bests and personal bests. Click on the picture to check out my opposition!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The village

We arrived safe and sound from Hong Kong and into the village in Delhi. Got a great welcome with a haka by some of the team as we walked into the NZ apartments.

I have a room with Nikki Hamblin, the 800/1500m runner. The apartments are massive, there are a few issues with plumbing etc, but the beds are comfy and we have everything we need. The NZ crew here did a great job of getting it all ready for us.

Here are some pics of the village. The NZ team has a place called "Base Camp", with fake grass all the way from NZ covering the floor, where we can hang out and watch the action on 3 big TVs.

Three days to go...countdown is on, startlists out tomorrow.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Delhi Day!

Its finally here - departing for Delhi today! Really excited, looking forward to getting in there and doing the business! Thanks heaps for all the messages of support guys.

The internet access is apparently a little sketchy from inside the village so I may not be able to update often.

The schedule for heptathlon events on Sky TV is below (Delhi time in brackets)

Friday 8th:
1815 (1045) - 100m hurdles
1900 (1130) - High jump

Saturday 9th:
0130 (1800) - Shotput
0300 (1930) - 200m
1730 (1000) - Long jump

Sunday 10th:
0100 (1730) - Javelin
0315 (1945) - 800m

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Commonwealth Games Website

Check out the following website: for the latest on the NZ Commonwealth Games team.
The flag bearer for tomorrow's opening ceremony is being announced tonight.
Unfortunately we will miss the opening ceremony, but we depart Hong Kong for Delhi on Monday, can't wait!