Friday, September 24, 2010

Not such a great day at the office...

Hello from Cairns,

We arrived here on Tuesday from Hong Kong, it was nice being in a small, sleepy city like Cairns after being in Hong Kong.

Then things started to go downhill from there!

I started the competition on Thursday with the 100m hurdles. I stuffed up the start big time, mis-timing the first hurdle and ended up going the whole way on my wrong leg! Lucky I used to do 400m hurdles where you have to alternate legs! But needless to say I lost valuable time and ended up running a slow 14.70. But the trick to a heptathlon is to move on from a bad event and nail the next one so I put it to the back of the mind and on to high jump. There I cleared 165 easily which I was happy with and then nailed a 14.40 shot which was great after only throwing 13.21 last weekend in Hong Kong.

So I was getting back on track and was fired up for a great finish to the day with the 200, aiming to gain some points on those lost in the hurdles and make the most of a nice tail wind blowing. Unfortunately after about 70m I pulled up with a very sore right foot and didn't finish the race.

So despite the high and shot it wasn't a great day at the office!

My physio, doc and coach are confident that the foot injury is nothing major and that I will be ready to rock in Delhi in exactly two weeks time. Luckily for me this is the time when we start to taper and do very little training so it won't affect my build up to have a few days off the leg to let it heal.

Some good news is that despite all the dramas in Delhi with bridges and the odd roof collapsing and sub-standard conditions in the village the NZ team officials have decided that its all good to go so thats great!

We fly back to Hong Kong on Sunday for the final part of the preparation and then on to Delhi on the 4th.

Thanks so much for all your messages of support, and I promise my next post will bring better news!!

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