Monday, September 13, 2010

Hong Kong Comp

I competed in Hong Kong yesterday at this amazing green track set amongst all the high rises (see pic on left of my physio Vanessa). I started with long jump at 9am, winning with a jump of 5.74 which was a seasons best and a big improvement on the Gold Coast last week. The competition was the longest I have ever done at 3 hours, there were 46 girls jumping and only one pit in operation so we finished at 12.00! In the middle of the comp I had a 200m which I won in 24.79, into a head wind which I was happy with.
I missed the last two jumps of the long comp due to a massive storm that came over (see pic below).
After a short break we had hurdles, I won with 14.50, a little slower than I would have liked but good to have another race under my belt.
I had a great cheer squad, some of my family who live here in Hong Kong came along and made lots of noise which was awesome!
We started warming up for high jump before another massive rain storm came over and the event then got cancelled after waiting at the high jump until 4.30 for it to stop!!
But overall it was a good day at the office and I managed to survive the increase in temperature from Christchurch!

We did high jump this morning at training to make up for the event being cancelled and I cleared 165 which I was really happy with considering the big day I had yesterday.
My coach Andrew and physio Vanessa are both here with me which is awesome.


  1. Looks amazing sis! The latest results sound awesome. You must be feeling tops! The training track looks incredible too - go the ice bath! Lots of love, Nins.

  2. Good job Becky! That was an amazing LJ comp and good result. Great to see the photo of Vanessa, how awesome it must be to have her with you! I hope the next few hard trainings go well before a nice taper into the Comm Games! Woohoo friend!
    Love Caro and whanau

  3. Just notice your story in Athletic NZ Newsletter with you link. Looking forward to seeing you compete at the Commonwealth Games. All the best to the leadup and the Game. Keep up those good performances. Cheers from the Waikato.