Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gold Coast Comp

Had a good start to the overseas campaign at the Gold Coast last night. 14.33 hurdles into a slight head wind and on my own, 24.72 200m, 5.41 long jump and 39m javelin. I had big problems with my long jump run up and the wind so was happy with the 5.41 as was way behind the take off board so worth about 5.75! The body held up really well and am not too stiff this morning so a very good test of the day one heptathlon comp.

Worst thing to wake up to this morning was the news about the earthquake back home, the pictures looked really bad on the news but glad to hear everyone is OK. Thinking of you all and hope the power/water etc comes back on before the southerly hits!

Its "RiverFire" tonight in Brisbane, heaps of fireworks all along the river and a fly-by of fighter jets as part of the city festival so will head down to the river later to check that out!

Its 26deg here today so a welcome change from winter at home. Fly out to Hong Kong on Wednesday for the next increase in the heat factor!

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