Friday, September 17, 2010

Hong Kong adventures

We had dinner at this amazing seafood restaurant the other night. All along the street were seafood markets with all kinds of live seafood in tanks, and you went and picked out what you wanted to eat and they would bring it to the restaurant and cook it up for you. It was the most tasty, amazing fresh seafood to eat!

The squid we chose squirted me with ink as he got taken out of the tank...but I had the last laugh...he was delicious - salt n pepper style!

Vanessa, Andrew and I also went to visit the Australian International School to talk to the 7-8 year old kids in one of my cousins classes and help present awards at their Sports Awards Ceremony. Its always lots of fun talking to the kids as they are super enthusiastic and they always have interesting questions.

Training has been going great, I had a 5.90m long jump yesterday, my best ever in training. I have competition again tomorrow - shotput and javelin, forecast 33deg, yea!

3 weeks to go today until day one of the heptathlon in Delhi....bring it on!

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