Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chocolate Raffle Winners

The prize winners have been drawn for the raffle tickets which came with the Cadbury chocolate fundraiser.

The winners are below, thanks so much to everyone who purchased some chocolate!!

David Fulton
Shane Nash
Kathy Grant
Reuben Lindsay
Michelle Kiesanowski
Ellen Gray
Amanda Gould
Barbara Wheater

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All go for Delhi

In the last week or so there have been a few question marks about competing in Delhi, firstly there have been the set backs with the state of the village etc but that is all been sorted out and athletes and officials are arriving already.

Secondly I had a bit of a scare with an injury to my foot at the Oceania Champs in Cairns last week. Arrived back in Hong Kong on Sunday and had an MRI yesterday and got the report back this morning with the all clear that no serious damage had been done so needless to say I am extremely relieved! Its just a matter of managing the pain which is easily done and its improving every day.

Quite a few of the other NZ athletes are here in Hong Kong now, I am rooming with Liz Lamb the high jumper...hoping some of her awesome high jumping will rub off on me! We are staying in the same hotel we were in before the Olympics in 2008 so great to be back in familiar surroundings.

So we are all go for Delhi...depart on the 4th Oct!!

Sky TV Profile

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Not such a great day at the office...

Hello from Cairns,

We arrived here on Tuesday from Hong Kong, it was nice being in a small, sleepy city like Cairns after being in Hong Kong.

Then things started to go downhill from there!

I started the competition on Thursday with the 100m hurdles. I stuffed up the start big time, mis-timing the first hurdle and ended up going the whole way on my wrong leg! Lucky I used to do 400m hurdles where you have to alternate legs! But needless to say I lost valuable time and ended up running a slow 14.70. But the trick to a heptathlon is to move on from a bad event and nail the next one so I put it to the back of the mind and on to high jump. There I cleared 165 easily which I was happy with and then nailed a 14.40 shot which was great after only throwing 13.21 last weekend in Hong Kong.

So I was getting back on track and was fired up for a great finish to the day with the 200, aiming to gain some points on those lost in the hurdles and make the most of a nice tail wind blowing. Unfortunately after about 70m I pulled up with a very sore right foot and didn't finish the race.

So despite the high and shot it wasn't a great day at the office!

My physio, doc and coach are confident that the foot injury is nothing major and that I will be ready to rock in Delhi in exactly two weeks time. Luckily for me this is the time when we start to taper and do very little training so it won't affect my build up to have a few days off the leg to let it heal.

Some good news is that despite all the dramas in Delhi with bridges and the odd roof collapsing and sub-standard conditions in the village the NZ team officials have decided that its all good to go so thats great!

We fly back to Hong Kong on Sunday for the final part of the preparation and then on to Delhi on the 4th.

Thanks so much for all your messages of support, and I promise my next post will bring better news!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hong Kong adventures

We had dinner at this amazing seafood restaurant the other night. All along the street were seafood markets with all kinds of live seafood in tanks, and you went and picked out what you wanted to eat and they would bring it to the restaurant and cook it up for you. It was the most tasty, amazing fresh seafood to eat!

The squid we chose squirted me with ink as he got taken out of the tank...but I had the last laugh...he was delicious - salt n pepper style!

Vanessa, Andrew and I also went to visit the Australian International School to talk to the 7-8 year old kids in one of my cousins classes and help present awards at their Sports Awards Ceremony. Its always lots of fun talking to the kids as they are super enthusiastic and they always have interesting questions.

Training has been going great, I had a 5.90m long jump yesterday, my best ever in training. I have competition again tomorrow - shotput and javelin, forecast 33deg, yea!

3 weeks to go today until day one of the heptathlon in Delhi....bring it on!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hong Kong Comp

I competed in Hong Kong yesterday at this amazing green track set amongst all the high rises (see pic on left of my physio Vanessa). I started with long jump at 9am, winning with a jump of 5.74 which was a seasons best and a big improvement on the Gold Coast last week. The competition was the longest I have ever done at 3 hours, there were 46 girls jumping and only one pit in operation so we finished at 12.00! In the middle of the comp I had a 200m which I won in 24.79, into a head wind which I was happy with.
I missed the last two jumps of the long comp due to a massive storm that came over (see pic below).
After a short break we had hurdles, I won with 14.50, a little slower than I would have liked but good to have another race under my belt.
I had a great cheer squad, some of my family who live here in Hong Kong came along and made lots of noise which was awesome!
We started warming up for high jump before another massive rain storm came over and the event then got cancelled after waiting at the high jump until 4.30 for it to stop!!
But overall it was a good day at the office and I managed to survive the increase in temperature from Christchurch!

We did high jump this morning at training to make up for the event being cancelled and I cleared 165 which I was really happy with considering the big day I had yesterday.
My coach Andrew and physio Vanessa are both here with me which is awesome.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hong Kong

Arrived in Hong Kong last night, its great to be back here...this is where we had a training camp prior to the Olympics in 2008. Went down to check out the track this afternoon, an awesome set up at the HK Sports Institute with everything we need including pool, gym and even an ice bath (will be loving that after training in 30deg!). Off to dinner with my cousin who lives here in HK so will be great to see her and the family.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 month until blast off!

Its 1 month until comp day in Delhi! Wow its coming around really fast, very exciting! I've had a good week in Brisbane, so nice having 25deg worth of sunshine to train in. Have spent quite a lot of time glued to sky news watching the images after the quake. Been thinking of you all at home, it must be so nasty having the mid-night shakes!
The fireworks were awesome on Saturday night, lighting up the Brisbane river.
I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow, with my next competition on Sunday. Looking forward to the next stage of the journey!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gold Coast Comp

Had a good start to the overseas campaign at the Gold Coast last night. 14.33 hurdles into a slight head wind and on my own, 24.72 200m, 5.41 long jump and 39m javelin. I had big problems with my long jump run up and the wind so was happy with the 5.41 as was way behind the take off board so worth about 5.75! The body held up really well and am not too stiff this morning so a very good test of the day one heptathlon comp.

Worst thing to wake up to this morning was the news about the earthquake back home, the pictures looked really bad on the news but glad to hear everyone is OK. Thinking of you all and hope the power/water etc comes back on before the southerly hits!

Its "RiverFire" tonight in Brisbane, heaps of fireworks all along the river and a fly-by of fighter jets as part of the city festival so will head down to the river later to check that out!

Its 26deg here today so a welcome change from winter at home. Fly out to Hong Kong on Wednesday for the next increase in the heat factor!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Leaving NZ

I depart NZ today, heading off to Brisbane for the first leg of the journey. I got my Games uniform yesterday, its really awesome, especially with the links to Hillary and Tensing. Getting the uniform and getting ready to head off makes the Games all seem very real now which is super exciting!!
Here is a story from The Press: