Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hi everyone,
This is my first blog for the build up to the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in October 2010. I have done the qualifying standard for the heptathlon twice this summer (Standard = 5800 points). The initial team will be named during May, with the final team named in August once the qualifying period is over.

Now that the domestic competition season is finished in NZ we are back into heavy training. I am currently doing weights, bounding, pushing the sled, jumping with a weighted vest and running on the beach as well as working on the technical events. Its a fun time of year as we get to do some different things.

I am currently also trying to finish my thesis for my Masters in Transport Engineering. Once I have this done (end of May) I will be a full time athlete, which will be a nice way to build up to the Games.

I am going to be updating my blog every couple of weeks to let you know how my preparation is going. But for now, I had better get ready for training, this afternoon I have 600m, 500m, 400m to run. This morning I did weights and jumps, Tuesdays are a big day training with double sessions!

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